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- How Do I Look? - by kprovido
- How Do I Look? -
again, like the rest of the things i uploaded, this took longer than it should ^^;

star in her bloodmoon ball dress! looking forward for the new episode ! :D

i how you guys like it ^^
- Dynamic Duo - by kprovido
- Dynamic Duo -
    star and marco ^^

im not really a huge fan of starco. They're relationship is more like the relationship of soul and maka from soul eater, where they're not really romantically involved, but through their duties, responsibilities and commitment to each other, they form and really strong bond. they're willing to sacrifice a lot of things for the sake of each other. if starco does end up being the endgame for the series, then i wouldn't really mind. the show has a lot of really cute moments of them together, but not really push them as a couple by giving them different love interests.(not a big fan of oskar though).  I think that's cool as it pacifies both sides of the shipping. 

im like writing this down at 2:19 am and boy, i get stupid after 2 am. i'm prolly gonna delete all of this tomorrow lol
Star And Marco On The Roof by kprovido
Star And Marco On The Roof
*Ahem* Marco, you are awesome! We don't need to get caught up on who saves who. All that matters is we have each other's back!

I love star and marco's friendship ^^ it shows they genuinely care for each other :D

Although im not a huge fan of the starco shipping, I wouldn't mind if that is the endgame in the series ^^

anyways, i'm excited for this series ^^
- Star Stache! - by kprovido
- Star Stache! -
One of the images from the promos has star making a mustache out of her hair. Obviously, i had to draw it! :D

Star's pajama outfit its very similar to luna's color scheme, which is pretty cool :D

anyways, watch star vs the forces of evil :D its really good ^^   
OK! I'm doing this! its time to spread my wings and soar!  and start earning money from this drawing thing ^^; 

I'll use my tablet (a simple bamboo fun tablet), and most likely photoshop for these commisions!

for this commissions, i'm planing on setting the prize for $5 dollars for the lineart/sketch(example:… 10$ for colored (example:…) or…

Please not me if you are interested! i'll be taking the first 5 or so people

Things to consider:
:bulletblack: I mainly good at drawing people ^^; or humanized stuff!
:bulletblack: to make it simple, maximum of the characters!
:bulletblack: in order to make sure you are satisfied with the piece, i'll upload in progress pieces for you to see!
:bulletblack: in terms of props or added materials, we can talk about it in more detail through notes and stuff :D
:bulletblack: no rule 34 This is more on personal preference, but please don't ask me to do stuff that i won't be able to show my parents (or your parents for that matter >< )
:bulletblack: Payments will be through paypal, and will be done through emails. also, i will ask to be payed inbetween the process, meaning once you see a WIP and you like it so far, then i'll charge ya! this will prevent stuff where you're unsatisfied.
:bulletblack: finally, i'll open this for 5 people for now, that sounds like a few people but please bear with me as i figure out how much i can really do in finishing commisions.

to recap, $5 for lineart, $10 for color! not bad, right? :D

thanks guys!
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United States
I know, you're probably expecting some sad, emotive words here in the description about this picture...

But I'm not gonna go there, you know why? Well I tell ya,

Back in The Philippines, I always have to keep it real!!~

Coz when you grow up in The Philippines,
Your childhood is less than a year!!!~

So I don't dwell on how i crawl my way Out of the gutter!

No i don't!

When People ask me what I mean, I say:

d-d-d-do I stutter?

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Nice art, have a watch. C;
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Finally! now i can tell people what time it is!GIF My little pony - Ba Dum Tss 

Just kidding! XD

Thanks for the watch! :D
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hi! ^^
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How's it going?
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it is going :D Thanks for asking!
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dat icon.
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Thanks for watching! *3* I do love your work.
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you're welcome ^^
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